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The lush Neapolitan island beloved of intellectuals, artists and writers.

What is there to do in Capri?

Capri, Ischia and Procida are three islands in the Neapolitan archipelago which can be easily visited during your holiday stay at Hotel Magri's. These three islands are quite different to each other, yet each one is full of fascinating places, packed with history and culture, and surrounded by breathtakingly-beautiful natural landscapes. Capri is a small craggy limestone island 5 km off the coast of Naples that has drawn intellectuals, artists and writers like a magnet. It is set like a rugged green gem in the midst of deep-blue waters and boasts marvellous views.

Getting to Capri

Capri is only 5 km away from Naples. It is really easy to reach Capri from Hotel Magri's because it only takes 15 minutes by car or taxi to get to the Beverello Pier where ferries and hydrofoils leave for the islands on a daily basis.

The sea

The non-paying beach of Marina Grande near to the harbour has clear gentle waters and enjoys sunshine from dawn to dusk, while the smaller Palazzo a Mare beach has a more sheltered position. The Marina Piccola beaches are bathed by crystalline waters and have a wonderful view of the Faraglioni sea stacks. If you prefer sunbathing and swimming in the afternoon, head for the Punta Carena beach which gets the sun right up until sunset. And if you opt for the Gradola beach, you will be able to dive off the rocks into the cool turquoise waters and pay a visit to the Blue Grotto on a small oared boat.

The nightlife

The night has a lot to offer in Capri and the evening always starts with an aperitif in the famous Piazzetta where you can sit at one of the chic tables, soak up the atmosphere and socialise as the sun sinks into the sea. After midnight, the after-dark action unfolds between Piazzetta and the Quisisana. This area is crammed with taverns and small bars where you can eat, drink, listen to live music, dance and sing lively Neapolitan songs.

The ruins and the historical town centre

Culture lovers coming to Capri must not miss their chance to visit the crumbling remains of ancient sites, such as the Villa Jovis inhabited by Emperor Tiberius for a long time, and the Charterhouse of St James which dates back to 1371. Those who climb further up will be enchanted by the renowned beauty of Anacapri, the historical heart of the island.

The landscape

From the Gardens of Augustus, the terraces filled with ornamental flowers on Capri, visitors will be able to enjoy sweeping views of the sea and the Faraglioni sea stacks. At the pretty Punta Carena cove, you will be able to bathe in crystal-clear waters, savour an aperitif served on the beach and watch the sun vanish into the horizon.


Capri has numerous gastronomic specialities, such as the famous Caprese salad made up of mozzarella cheese, tangy tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Another delicious sweet treat to be tasted on the island (but also a delectable souvenir to pack in your suitcase) is the Caprese cake, a moist chocolate cake made with toasted almonds.