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Breathtaking views, winding alleys, the sacred atmosphere of churches, delightful landscapes and all the energy of this vibrant city – the best of Naples is near to your hotel.

What is there to see in Naples?


15 minutes away from Hotel Magri’s

Ice-cream and Shopping 15 minutes in the shuttle bus

The ice-cream parlours located between the historical city centre (Via Toledo) and the Vomero hill (Piazza Vanvitelli and Via Scarlatti) are the best that Naples has to offer. Treat yourself to a delicious Italian gelato as you stroll through the best-known shopping streets in town.

Mercadante Theatre15 minutes by shuttle

Dating back to 1779, this ancient Neapolitan theatre is still fully operational with a wide variety of shows on offer.

The Royal Wood of Capodimontea 15-minute drive away

Time seems to have stood still in this royal 124-acre wood. As you wander through the grounds, you will be struck by the beautiful statues and historical buildings along your way.

The Botanical Garden15 minutes by car

Twelve hectares of lush gardens belonging to the University Federico II of Naples where you can unwind in the midst of natural beauty and admire nine thousand different plant species and almost twenty-five thousand samples of flora.

Art stations 15 minutes in the shuttle bus

The metro stations on line 1 are a kind of public art gallery and you can book an organised tour that will guide you through the various pieces of artwork created by a hundred different contemporary artists.


20 minutes away from Hotel Magri’s

Sansevero Chapel Museum10 minutes on foot + 10 minutes by metro

Dating back to the sixteenth century, the chapel nestles in the historical city centre of Naples and is crammed with exquisite artwork, like the Veiled Christ by the Neapolitan artist Giuseppe Sanmartino. It is a place with a sacred atmosphere that is the ultimate destination for Christians and Art lovers.

Madre Museum of Contemporary Art10 minutes on foot + 10 minutes by metro

The eighteenth-century Donnaregina Palace houses the Madre Museum of Contemporary Art and visitors will be able to admire a magnificent collection by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Alberto Burri, Domenico Paladino, Jannis Kounellis and others. The vast display occupies an area of over two-thousand square metres.

San Carlo Opera house15 minutes by Shuttle + 5 minutes on foot

The Royal Theatre of Saint Charles is the oldest opera house in the whole of Europe as well as one of the most famous and prestigious venues for opera in the whole world. It puts on a variety of performances, including opera, ballet and symphony orchestra events as well as offering guided tours.

Bellini Theatre20 minutes by car

An ancient Neapolitan theatre which has retained all of its eighteenth-century appeal, even though it had to be rebuilt after being ravaged by a fire. It puts on various kinds of performances – dance, drama and music.


30 minutes away from Hotel Magri’s

Archaeological Museum of Naples15 minutes on foot + 15 minutes by metro

The sixteenth-century palace houses an exquisitely rich collection of works of arts and archaeological artefacts from all over Italy. Museum visitors will be able to admire over three thousand objects of inestimable historical value and thousands of other ancient items ranging from prehistoric times to late antiquity, all of which have been carefully sorted according to theme for easy browsing.

Pizza by the sea15 minutes by shuttle + 15 minutes on foot

You can savour the inimitable flavour of a Neapolitan pizza while listening to the waves lap at the rocks nearby. Take your pick from one of the pizzerias located on the pedestrians-only promenade that leads from Via Caracciolo to the Fisherman’s Village (Borgo Marinari) with an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Naples and the Egg Castle flooded with lights for the pleasure of the public.

Villa Comunale (Municipal Public Gardens)30 minutes by car

A lush oasis opposite the Caracciolo promenade that dates back to the seventeen hundreds where tourists in search of peace can admire wonderful views of the sea while strolling past statues, small shrines and ornamental fountains.

Virgiliano Park30 minutes by car

A scenic haven of lush greenery featuring a series of tiered terraces. Here you’ll be able to relax surrounded by trees and grassland while you admire a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples and Pozzuoli.

Neapolis Station15 minutes on foot + 15 minutes by metro

The archaeological museum is situated on Line 1 of the Metro and it showcases all the archaeological finds retrieved during excavation work on the Neapolitan metro network.


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