We can ferry you back and forth in the evenings so you can experience the after-dark atmosphere in the centre of Naples in complete safety.

Hotel Magri’s shuttle service was designed to help our guests get around town after dark without a worry in the world. The hotel-owned shuttle goes back and forth several times every single evening, taking our guests to the city centre and bringing them back again so they can enjoy the buzzy atmosphere and fine dining without having to work out how to get there and back.

Our shuttle service leaves from the area behind the hotel lobby at set intervals every evening and takes guests to Via Depretis (and back again) free of charge.
Via Depretis is a short walk from Piazza Municipio and it will only take you a few minutes to reach the historical city centre, Beverello Pier or Metro Line 1.

Shuttle hours

  • Departure times from Hotel Magri’s – 8 pm/9 pm/10 pm/11 pm
  • Departure times from Via Depretis – 8.30 pm/9.30 pm/10.30 pm/11.30 pm

How does Magri’s shuttle service work?

Magri’s hotel shuttle service is meant to take the hassle out of enjoying Naples after dark and makes sure that guests get to where they want to go safely and easily. It only takes our guests 15 minutes to reach the centre of Naples. Here they will be able to explore the city after sunset, enjoy the best of Neapolitan cuisine in a local restaurant, try out one of Naples’ many pizzerias, watch a show at the nearby San Carlo Opera house or finish the evening in style with a Neapolitan espresso at one of most the famous coffeehouses in Piazza Trieste e Trento. What is more, the shuttle service is also a quick way to get to Metro line 1 where you can catch a train to the Vomero neighbourhood. You’ll be able to browse the shops in Via Scarlatti or admire the view over the city from the Charterhouse of St. Martin.

What advantages does Magri’s shuttle service offer?

  • No waiting around – it always leaves at the same time
  • No messing around with buses to get to town
  • No need to call a taxi to get to town
  • Complete peace of mind after dark
  • You can get to town or the closest metro stop free of charge.