A haven of quiet and relaxation where you can soak up some sun and sip a cocktail.

Courtesy of Hotel Magri’s you can enjoy some downtime without having to go too far from the comfort of your room. The outdoor terrace is ideal for alfresco lounging on our comfortable sunbeds or sipping a cocktail as you chat in the shade.

The surrounding greenery, elegant wicker furniture and refreshments served by the bar will help you relax in a refined private atmosphere while you are pampered by our staff.

Mornings: soak up some sun

The Hotel Magri’s sunroof is a special spot where you can take some time for yourself in the morning, lounging on one of our comfortable sunbeds while our staff serve you a cool drink or coffee from the indoor bar. It is a place where our summertime guests can get away from it all and enjoy some Mediterranean sunshine.

Afternoons: discuss business over drinks

Hotel Magri’s sunroof becomes a sophisticated sanctuary in the afternoons and it serves our business clientèle well. The elegant, quiet and secluded atmosphere is an informal but chic setting where you can enjoy drinks with potential customers or partners.

Evenings: unwind with pre-dinner cocktails

In the evenings, the Hotel Magri’s sunroof undergoes another transformation. It becomes the perfect place for pre-dinner cocktails either before you go on to the hotel restaurant or while you’re waiting for the shuttle bus to take you the city centre for an exciting night out.